The 6 Steps to a Successful Calendar Marketing Campaign

Though designing a calendar may not seem too difficult a thing, making sure that all elements engage the right audience and work to drive the right results takes time and careful consideration.

A calendar marketing campaign is an extremely effective way of promoting your products and services, and enhancing your brand identity over the long-term. However, in order to be as successful as possible and produce a valuable ROI, there are a few important steps you’ll need to take:

1 – Set out what you want to achieve

Creating a calendar without knowing exactly what you are trying to achieve could mean wasted efforts and money, which is certainly not good for business. Before starting your campaign you’ll need to determine the following in a solid marketing plan:

The specific goals you accomplish, whether that’s to draw in new custom, develop existing customer relationships and repeat purchases or encouraging more high-value sales.

The potential returns you’ll make, using what you could make from a typical customer.

The timeframe you have to effect your campaign, including the design, production and fulfilment process, as well as the response time from your calendar audience.

2 – Understand your target audience

As with any marketing campaign, understanding who your target customers are and what is going to attract them to your brand is essential for an effective calendar. Your calendar will be in their view for an entire year, which means that all the text, images and where and how you choose to distribute your calendars will need to appeal to their demographics, behaviours and interests.

Look at what your competitors are doing as this will be useful to determine what you can include in your calendar to help you stand out.

3 – Communicating an effective message

Now it comes to creating a stand-out calendar design. Remember that the colours, the fonts and all the smallest details will impact massively on the quality of response you’ll receive. Here are some tips to a great promotional calendar design:

You’ll need a clear and consistent focus on every page (remember your key goals and the message you want to promote!)

Use images that will add to your key message. In many instances images communicate far more than words. High-quality and eye-catching visuals are vital.

Less is a lot of the time more – keep it simple so that information is easy to digest.

Use compelling Calls to Action with correct contact details so people can take the next steps.

4 – Quality calendar printing

The quality of print for your calendar will make or break its success. High-quality calendar printing is a key way to create the best impression of your business and entice people to want to engage. A professional calendar marketing company will be able to run through the most valuable design ideas with you and get these printed to the best standard. At Eight Days a Week we produce bespoke calendars and will work with you from the initial stages of design right through to printing, binding and packaging.

5 – Distribution

Your initial calendar marketing plan should help dictate where and how you’ll distribute your calendars for the desired results. This could be as a free item as part of a customer purchase, to encourage brand loyalty, or as a promotional gift at an event to boost brand awareness.

6 – Measure your success

The success factors can be difficult to measure, however try to isolate the effect of your campaign, look at the benefits it’s brought to you and whether it’s made you a profit. Evaluating the success of your campaign will help you adapt your strategy if necessary to maximise on your goals and ROI.

For any of your calendar marketing needs, we can help you deliver an integrated solution that will drive the results you want. Just give us a call on 08432 898074 or email and see what we can do!

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