Print Marketing: Direct Mail or Promotional Calendar?

There’s no denying that we are living in the digital age and as a result, many businesses are looking online when it comes to marketing. However, by focusing only on digital marketing, businesses are missing the opportunities provided by more traditional means of marketing. At Eight Days a Week, we are huge believers in the power of print.

Whilst some businesses may assume that print is past its prime, this is certainly not the case – print marketing can still outperform digital marketing efforts and can generate even better results when combined with other medias. Generally, print marketing is a very visual form of marketing and as a result, information can be easier to consume than in some digital marketing content. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Deeper reading – when people read marketing content online, very often, they skim the information to take in key points. In contrast, people tend to consume much more information when it is presented on paper. They read more slowly and make an effort to understand the information on a deeper level.
  • Focused reading – Digital content comes with many distractions from other advertisements, notifications and other applications. Print materials are much more focused and as a result, readers can stay focused on the content.
  • Print works well in combination with other platforms – Print marketing can help boost the results of overall marketing efforts when used successfully in combination with other channels. Print also helps to boost recall of other marketing medias, for example, people remember online ads that they have seen when coming across print marketing.

Let’s talk about two of the most effective forms of print marketing:

Direct mail

  • Direct mail can be highly targeted and highly personalised, which can be a huge advantage.
  • Direct mail advertising is easy to track and allows marketers to work out their return on investment with relative ease.
  • Direct mail can be very informative, providing the reader with a wide variety of information.

Promotional calendars

  • Calendars will always be relevant and can be found in any home or business – People need calendars to manage their time.
  • Calendars can be fun – You can be very creative when designing marketing calendars and the most creative calendars can be the most effective.
  • Calendars can be a fantastic way of thanking existing customers and creating loyalty from new customers.
  • Calendars are eye catching and keep your brand in the consumer’s mind.

Whilst direct mail and promotional calendars can both be very effective print marketing materials, there’s no denying that we are very much in the calendar camp. Calendars provide something more tangible for the recipient – something that they can keep and get a year of use with. As a result, return on investment from calendars can be more as people are more likely to retain their calendar. Calendars can also be sent out on a yearly basis, so they can continue to catch the eye of customers and maintain or grow brand awareness.

If you are interested in creating promotional calendars for your brand, please visit our website or call today on 08432 898 074.

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