Eight Days a Week – A Calendar Finishing Super Power

Eight Days a Week’s calendar production partner Alltrade Printers has recently invested just shy of £500,000 to boost its wire-binding capacity and upgrade its CTP system and MIS.

The Birmingham-based calendar printer last month installed a second Renz Inline 500 punching and wire-binding line and at the same time, the existing, older machine received a full overhaul and upgrade. The company also installed a Heidelberg Prinect Business Manager MIS and Suprasetter A106 platesetter.

Alltrade was the first UK businesses to invest in an Inline 500 when it bought its first model 12 years ago specifically to supply Eight Days a Week’s calendar clients.

The Heidelberg equipment cost around £250,000, while the Renz spend was £185,000.

The decision to stay loyal to Renz for the new binder was an easy decision.

Joint Alltrade owner Terry Mukadam said “We’ve now got three automatic wire-binding lines and because it’s such a small window for the peak calendar season we really needed the extra capacity”.

“Because we were the first in the country with the Inline 500, it made it easier to stay with what we knew. We’ve got another wire-binder from Italian manufacturer Rilecart, but we prefer the Renz technology because it’s robust”.

“We need the capacity for a short period. These days you can’t afford to say no or turn work down.”

The new Renz features ‘Quick Size Adjustment’ (QSA) for producing a range of formats, along with job memory storage of up to 50 jobs and has been installed with a KAS calendar hanger system. It can punch material up to 4.5mm thick, bind up to 15mm thick and produce around 2,000 products per hour.

The Suprasetter will align with Alltrade’s two Heidelberg Speedmasters; a B1 XL 106 and B2 CD 74, both machines having coaters.

Founded in 1969 by Mukadam’s father, Alltrade, which produces a wide range of print, started producing calendars around 13 years ago after being approached by Eight Days a Week’s founder Nigel Green. Alltrade now specialise in calendar print.

Nigel says “this significant investment just shows the total commitment by Alltrade to the calendar market. The additional wire binding capacity complements all the other bespoke calendar finishing equipment at Alltrade, including a multi station B2 deep pile collator and high speed automatic shrink wrapping line”.

“With the capability to produce over 200,000 wire bound and stitched calendars a week we truly are a Calendar Production Power House”.

If you’d like to know more about what we do or how we can help you please don’t hesitate to call Nigel on 08432 989074 or email nigel@eightdaysaweek.co.uk.


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