The Desk Calendar – Is It Worth The Investment?

The desk calendar is a very well-known and effective method of marketing, allowing any business to promote itself to the world outside, every day of the year. With your company’s branding prominently displayed in a permanent way, the desk calendar is extremely powerful and can have a direct impact on your sales. Provided your desk calendars are high quality and fit for purpose, and don’t cost you a fortune they are a win-win situation. So, what do you need to bear in mind when ordering them? Here are some tips.

Plan properly

You would probably expect that the timing of your desk calendar is generally an important aspect to consider in the planning stages. Most companies will expect a calendar that runs from January to December, but there is plenty of scope to alter that a little, or make your desk calendar longer than the typical 12 months. Will it be replacing your old desk calendar or are you aiming to replace calendars sent by other companies? It might well be worth considering getting in there early and if your designs are attractive enough, your desk calendar will be the one of choice. Make sure you seek advice on lead in times and have a plan in place well in advance. We would be happy to provide information on planning.

Create a winning theme

What is going to work best for you and for your customers? Is it a bold design with interesting content that means it stands head and shoulders above other calendars? Would it be best if it contained lots of useful content about your business, or related business information?  Decide what type of theme or angle you want and then look at the best ways of achieving it. Good use of photos and colour are definite winners, as are useful shapes and sizes. You can stick to a formula that has worked for you in the past, but remember it is a competitive world and getting creative and ringing the changes can also be very beneficial.

Target the right people

As with any kind of marketing, what you do is only as good as who you target. Even award winning desk calendars can be poor at the one thing they strive to do – win more business. It really is important to know who you are targeting and then get out there and target them. Whether you are aiming for business to business, or to the general public; to large organisations with many departments, or to small businesses, once you have the design and content agreed for your desk calendar, make sure it is distributed to the very people who can and will buy from your business.

If you would like to make sure your desk calendars are worth the investment this year then contact our experts at Eight Days a Week by email or call us on 08432 898 074.

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