Crowdfunding for Victims of the Grenfell Tower Fire Disaster

I’m sure that you, like me, were absolutely devastated when you woke up on Wednesday morning to see this horrifying situation playing out on your social media feeds and television screens. It looks like a scene from a disaster movie doesn’t it? But as we know only too well this is real, very real.

The hows, whys and wherefores will be ongoing for many months, even years and there will be the usual investigations and reports and then in the end, after the frustrations and the anger have long since died there will be “recommendations”.

As I write there are around 30 people confirmed dead but this is expected to rise quite significantly. Many lives have and will be affected by this needless tragedy for years to come and what the survivors, their friends and relatives and the community need now is help and lots of it. This morning I felt I wanted to help somehow but how? My first thought was to jump on a train and get down there but to do what? I’ve no idea.  And judging by what we can see on the TV there’s already great work being done by volunteers turning up in their droves.

So what can we do? Produce a charity calendar? No. It’ll take too long to put together, then we’ve got to sell it and by the time any money is forthcoming it’ll be too late. What is needed is aid NOW!

This is why I’ve set up a Just Giving page and made a personal donation of £100. Please join me and give generously, these people need our help NOW! I’ve set a modest target of £10,000 which if we can get a mere 100 of us in the Calendar Community that’s only £100 each. Or better still let’s smash it! Please forward this blog to anyone you feel will help.

Please donate by clicking on

If you have already donated to this cause, then thank you very much.

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