Why a Calendar Isn’t Just for Christmas

With the festive season soon approaching, people around the country will be making their Christmas lists and deciding what gifts to buy. When it comes to corporate gifts, personalised calendars continually remain a firm favourite, with brands and businesses using them as the perfect present and marketing tool.

But did you know, a calendar doesn’t just have to be given at Christmas time? They can be created so that it starts and ends on any month of the year, for example starting in April and finishing in March, meaning it’s the perfect gift all year round.

So, what makes a personalised calendar such a wise investment?

  1. They’re useful

If you’ve sent a prospective client a personalised calendar with your logo and name on, you can guarantee that your brand will be front of mind all year round. That’s because most people refer to their calendar multiple times a day, irrespective of the industry they’re in.

  1. They’re affordable

Calendars are an inexpensive gift and can be very cost effective, particularly when printed in large quantities. When you pair this with the impact of the brand awareness they create, it’s easy to see why they are offer fantastic return on investment.

  1. They can be tailored for different industries

Whether you’re looking to create a financial calendar that runs from April to March, a football calendar that runs August to July, or an academic calendar that runs from September to August, personalised calendars can be made unique to your industry.

  1. You can create your own special days

Perhaps your business birthday is coming up, or you need to mark key conference or promotional dates. Personalised calendars mean you can mark whatever special days you have coming up and make the sure they are automatically in your contact’s diary.

  1. They are versatile

Your calendar can be in any format you like, including one, two, four, six and twelve month spreads per page. The use of the one month per page is our most popular type of calendar since it allows you to dedicate each month to a different marketing or promotional message, while giving its user more room to write things in.

If you’re looking to create the perfect calendar to market your business, you can speak to us and we’ll help you get started today. Call us on 08432 898 074 or get a quote here.

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