Why a Traditional Printed Calendar Is More Efficient Than a ‘To-Do’ List

If you often finish the working week with a crumpled ‘to-do’ list littered with corrections and scribbled notes, you may not be working as efficiently as you could be.

Here we explain some of the key advantages of managing your work load with a traditional printed calendar rather than an untidy list of assignments.

Increased efficiency

Though a simple ‘to-do’ list can brief us on everything that needs to be actioned in a working day or week, a calendar is far more effective in helping us to prioritise and map out our work load. So, whether it’s meeting a tight deadline or re-evaluating the time required to complete a task, a calendar allows us to work in a far more efficient manner.

A handy reminder

A busy schedule can leave us wondering which tasks need to be done next and which ones have already been completed. A calendar helps to solve this problem by offering a clear partitioned view of the tasks that need to be done, when they need to be achieved, and how the rest of your responsibilities can be managed and prioritised.

Added task focus

A calendar allows a fuller picture of a project and the opportunity to plan a schedule for each stage leading to completion. So, whether you require specific input from a colleague or need to attend a meeting or brainstorming event before a task can be finished, a printed wall or desktop calendar will help to make sure each requirement is in place.

Offering an overview

A ‘to-do’ list is a great reminder of the things you have to get on with, but it can’t be used to schedule and set deadlines. Wall or desk calendars offer a great overview of your timetable, letting you know when a task must be finished and warning you of appointments or other projects that might mean you need to re-assess some of your deadlines.

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