Batteries Not Included – The Benefits of a Printed Calendar Over Technology

With the emergence of a wide range of modern gadgets and gizmos, managing diaries through an electronic device has certainly gained popularity. But here at Eight Days A Week we feel there will always be a few key advantages to managing your diary with a traditional printed calendar

The perfect overview

There’s a great charm to adding diary dates and occasions to a traditional calendar with a pen or paper, especially as you can easily look at the week or month as a whole. This allows you to quickly identify corresponding dates and events that might clash with your plans without the need to tap and scroll.

No need to squint

Many of us spend the majority of our working days looking at digital screens, so using a printed calendar can offer welcome relief to tired and strained eyes. Scrolling through dates and diary entries on a small screen can put real pressure on your eyes and prove a painful proposition.

Attractive and personalised

Traditional calendars can be designed and produced with a wide range of colours, patterns and themes to suit your personal tastes and preferences, whether you have a favourite shade or need a bigger font. In truth, there is no way a digital calendar could look as good as part of your workspace!

No need for charge

The glory of a printed calendar or diary (be it on a desktop or in your pocket) is that they don’t require an electrical charge or internet access to work – ever! So whilst your phone or laptop might provide a handy way to check your appointments on the go, it’ll be no good to you when the battery runs out.

A great gift

For all these reasons and more, traditional printed calendars offer a great corporate gift for clients and customers that will remind them of your services and goodwill all year round, something a digital alternative simply cannot do.

If you’d like to invest in some traditional printed calendars, please call the team at Eight Days A Week on 08432 898074.


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