The Most Important Reasons Why You Should Use A Calendar at Home, at Work and Studying

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For those with work, study and family commitments, many people claim their calendar to be a day-to-day essential. Scheduling your day with a calendar will encourage more efficient time management and work productivity. Seeing your upcoming deadlines and your available time can help your busy schedule appear less daunting and more inviting.

Below we have our top reasons for using a calendar at home, work and while studying, for when “I’ll remember” just won’t cut it:

Why Calendars Are A Day-to-Day Essential:

Increased Productivity

When exam season is just around the corner there can be a lot of deadlines, revision and work from other subjects to complete. Therefore, with so much to remember an overwhelmed mind may need support to keep you on track.

Using a business calendar to physically see your work schedule will encourage better organisation of time and resources. Allowing you to keep up with what needs to be done and understand what is a priority.

As well as time efficiency, this will also help to keep you motivated throughout exam season. By setting aside dedicated time in your calendar it can ensure your work quality will not have to suffer.

Meeting Deadlines

With an increasing workload, work life for many people is almost impossible without the assistance of a calendar. Setting realistic timeframes to prepare for upcoming deadlines will leave you feeling less stressed and more in control.

Researchers at the University of Michigan found that when subjects attempted two or more things at once productivity decreased by 40%. Therefore, with multiple deadlines set for one date, business calendars improve organisation and time management.

Work-Life Balance

Having a physical space to schedule your work deadlines, family commitments and social invites can be useful when trying to juggle everything at once.

With last minute plans, having a calendar within arm’s reach can be more reliable than trying to remember if you have time to make it. Also reminding you to set aside an afternoon to give yourself a break from commitments.

Setting Goals

Seeing your deadlines so orderly can also motivate you to set yourself some goals. For example, you may set yourself a goal to get your university work completed within week one of term break. Then you can avoid the last minute panic and have time to relax and feel refreshed upon your return.

Or, if you have goals in your personal life, a calendar will prioritise your time, so you can achieve in both aspects of life. For example, if there’s a night class you wish to attend or family commitments you’re aiming to work on.

Family Life

As your children grow older and earn their independence, there can be so much going on in the family home. Everyone can have their own plans and commitments but you will still need a way to keep family members informed.

A family calendar on the fridge can be a shared organiser so everyone is updated on each other’s upcoming schedules. To be reassured that everyone is safe and where they need to be.

Get In Touch

Overall, as the saying goes, “If you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. Having a calendar at your work station or home can greatly improve your time management for an improved work-life balance. Your busy schedule will seem less overwhelming, less stressful and more manageable.

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What Makes a Great Promotional Calendar?

In last month’s blog post, we looked at why a branded calendar is such a great way to promote your business and get your brand noticed. We discussed a few facts and figures that provide proof of just how effective calendars can be as a marketing tool. This month, we look at the elements that combine to make a truly great promotional calendar to give away.


A great promotional calendar design is about more than just making it look good. To create a great calendar, it needs to be designed in such a way that it appeals to the target audience – you do want it to be in their view for an entire year, after all. This means you have to get the design just right to suit their needs, including all images, text, layout and even the style of calendar that you will choose.

You want your calendar to be eye catching, so choosing the right combination of colours, fonts and images is an important task. If you are choosing to use large, vivid photographs or cartoons, choose a subject matter that is not just consistent, but one that’s appealing to your audience. Only use images of a great quality.

Think about how different styles of calendar can have different uses. Desktop planners are ideal for quick note taking, whilst wall planners are great for long term strategic planning and group organisation. Be sure to choose the right calendar to fulfil the needs of your target audience, but also remember, wall calendars are always the most visible to the largest number of people, unless you can afford to provide desktop calendars for every desk.

You have a lot of flexibility in terms of choosing the layout of your calendar. You may well opt to display a calendar month per page display, or perhaps a whole year layout if you have chosen to create a promotional wall planner. It’s certainly worth keeping in mind that a month by month calendar gives you more space and opportunity to make your calendar great and communicate your message with your customers or potential customers.

Which brings us on to…


Whilst you are aiming your promotional calendar at your existing or potential customers (your target audience), it’s important not to get carried away and forget about your own message. A great calendar keeps your business in mind, spreading your message and linking your audience back to you.

If you have chosen a month per display page calendar, don’t forget to make your message clear on every page. It’s vital to clearly present your company logo and branding, important contact details and any other information – be sure to be cohesive; keep the same layout on each page so people know where to look.


A great calendar is a premium item. To create a promotional gift that your target audience will want to make use of for the next 12 months, premium quality production is absolutely essential. With your design complete, your calendar will need to be professionally printed, bound and packaged. Only the highest print quality and materials are suitable for achieving what can be considered a great promotional calendar.

The production of your calendar is also a final opportunity to consider what message you will be sending. Using premium materials will give the impression that your business views quality as important and that customers are valued. If your company strives to show that you are invested in being environmentally friendly, it is well worth deciding to use recycled, or biodegradable materials.

If you are looking for more advice on creating a great promotional calendar, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Call us today on 08432 898 074 and we’ll be happy to talk to you and advise on what you need from your calendar.