How to Enjoy the Benefits of Your New Wall Calendar

If you were lucky enough to receive a wall calendar this Christmas from a friend, colleague, client or supplier, congratulations!

Properly used, a wall calendar can make an important difference to your working life in 2019, offering an excellent way to improve your focus, efficiency and performance.

Here we give just a few tips on how to maximise your new calendar for use in the workplace this year, helping to ensure the best possible results.

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Plan ahead

One of the key advantages of a wall calendar is the ability to look ahead on a monthly basis and mark down important occasions and events. This allows us to plan ahead and stay focused on office tasks, and keeps us aware of forthcoming meetings and deadlines.

Keep updated

To enjoy the full benefit of your wall calendar it is important to keep it updated each day. This helps to manage work load, identify any potential issues with project timescales, and can also be vital in avoiding clashes or double-bookings.

Use colour-coding

If you have a particularly testing schedule and your calendar is likely to be full of regular entries, why not try colour coding? This helps to give a visual impression of the work and activities you have ahead, and differentiates different tasks so they won’t be forgotten or overlooked.

Hang with care

It’s important to choose the best place to hang your office calendar, with a place near to your work area the best option. If you are desk based, ensure that your calendar is visible at eye-level when you are sat at your desk to work, making sure you don’t strain your neck and eyes from regular use.

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How to Use Calendars in Your 2019 Marketing Strategy

With so much competition today, with new ads being released every hour, it’s time to be more creative and innovative with your campaigns.

2019 calendars can be the marketing tool your brand has been looking for, providing brand awareness to a wide pool of potential customers 365 days a year for a more than affordable price.

The simplicity of a calendar can do so much for your marketing efforts and here’s how:

  1. Round the Clock Use

The great thing about a calendar is that it is essential in many homes and offices. Therefore, you can guarantee it will be used by many of your target customers at least a few times a week.

And it’s not just one person who will be using it. Employees around the office or different family members will also make use of it to keep track on upcoming events.

  1. Twelve Months of Awareness

Each month will be a new opportunity to entice your customers. If you opt for a display calendar, you will be given a canvas every month to subtly sell to your customers.

The image you choose to fill the space should be carefully constructed. You don’t want to print a full-blown ad – you need something that is fitting with the month, that has subtle hints to your branding.

For example, February features Valentines Day. An annual holiday enjoyed by couples everywhere. For the image you could photograph a date night, featuring your own brand of food or drink. Or it can be as subtle as dressing them in your brand colours so there is some consistent branding throughout.

  1. Promoting Events

However, if you would like more straightforward promotions, then you could set a few dates. In most calendars you will get bank holidays already pencilled in. So why not do the same with your upcoming events.

This could be any annual sales, exhibitions, shows, concerts – as long as it is a definite event where there are no concerns about it happening. Just make sure to not go overboard with how many dates you add. As a guideline, try not to exceed one event per month printed on your calendars.

  1. Your Advertising Message

Think carefully about what you want to communicate to customers with your calendar campaign. Without being too pushy with your sales pitches, think of how you can connect with customers on a personal level while still representing your brand.

Stuck for ideas? See below:

  • Business Coach – Motivational quote of the month
  • Food Retailers – Recipe of the month featuring your products
  • Travel Agency – Location of the month
  • Animal Rescue – Rehomed pets photos + short stories
  • Children’s Entertainers – Colouring pages
  • Sports Team – Player of the Month

The key is to be creative without overthinking it. Create something that customers can enjoy, but most importantly remember your brand by.

  1. Separating from the Competition

Being a constant reminder in a customer environment can help you gain the brand recognition to make you the first point of call for many people. This will allow you to get ahead of the competition and will be particularly useful when running up to busy sales periods, including Black Friday and Christmas.

Getting Started

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