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For many years, we have specialised in retail calendars. We have worked with many big name brands, who primarily provide us with a design. We will then ensure that the highest of standards is met, delivering exact colours with our print management service. We have the capacity to print large quantities of retail calendars and have the capabilities to print up to 5 million calendars a year.

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Here at Eight Days a Week we prides ourselves on delivering to you a great quality of customer service and flexible approach to your needs.

In doing so we like to think that we work with you and not for you. Making your calendars for you whether you are in retail publishing or business to business is what we do – it's as simple as that! We regard you our clients as our partners in business with shared goals and aims and in our world partners look out for each other. We do this by providing you with the very best calendar products that will happily grace the walls and desks of homes and offices throughout the world.

Here in our case studies we briefly outline how that partnership approach has worked for our clients in the past.

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Carte Blanche

What the client said

"I’ve ordered via Eight Days A Week for some years now and have found the customer service and quality of product to be of the highest standard.

It has been fantastic for us to be able to place the work with a company we can trust and know will deliver to our expectations. It has always been a hassle free experience and the fast turn around times are equally appealing."

Zoe Hill - 2D Product Developer - Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd


Keith Entwisle

What the client said

"Having known Nigel and used his company for many years he has an excellent knowledge of the calendar business and print industry.

With a pleasing persona and good character, he follows the job right from the initial brief through to the finished product.

As a result he has successfully built his company into the strength it is today. I am sure like me once you have used his services and skills you will return again and again."

Keith Entwisle - Consultant at Keith Entwisle

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How to Use Calendars in Your 2019 Marketing Strategy

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