The Universal Appeal of Printed Calendars

The advancement of digital media has seen the way we consume information change rapidly over the past twenty years, but print remains a strong and popular medium for marketers and advertisers.

There are more than 10,000 specialist printing companies operating in the UK today with the industry employing an estimated 140,000 people to meet demand for printed collateral.

Printed calendars

Calendars are amongst the traditional printed products that have sustained popularity during the digital age, with consistent annual sales from old and newly developed client bases.

As we approach the busiest period of the year for the printing sector, here we look at just a few reasons why wall and desk calendars have endured the digital revolution.

Practical Use

The main reason that printed calendars have sustained popularity is that they are still practical and useful even when compared to digital alternatives. A wall or desk calendar offers a classic design that is usually replicated on digital formats, and can be used at any time without the need for charging, logging-on or rebooting.


For many people in the UK, having a calendar on a desk or kitchen wall has become a tradition, so buying a calendar at the end of each year is a popular ritual. Calendars also remain a very popular Christmas gift within the business world, with hundreds of thousands of branded calendars exchanged by companies and clients every year.

Decorative Value

Printed calendars offer a decorative value to our homes and offices that can be suited to our interests and styles, especially as they offer a fresh new image each month! This has helped to maintain sales of printed calendars through the digital revolution, particularly as there is no computerised alternative.


Printed calendars have an enormous scope for personalisation and can be used to display pretty much any branding or imagery. So whether they are required to promote a business, raise awareness or represent individual interests such as a sport, celebrity or type of music, calendars are a printed format capable of offering the same level of personalisation provided by digital media.

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