Make Money for Charity with a Charity Calendar

Most households and businesses will have at least one calendar. Whether it sits on a desk, above a door or by the telephone, paper calendars are still one of the most popular organisational tools that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. That’s why creating a charity calendar is a great way to raise a substantial amount of money, while giving the purchaser a useful item that will last them all year.

At Eight Days a Week, we’re no strangers to making personalised or branded calendars, and have devised our top tips you need to consider when creating and selling your charity calendar:

  1. What photos are you going to include?

Before you create your charity calendar, you’ll need to decide what it’s going to include. Whether you take a leaf out of the Women’s Institute and raise money through a calendar that features nearly-nude photos, or want to feature children’s artwork or community photographs, have a brainstorm about what might spark the most interest and generate the most money.

charity calendar

  1. What details are you going to include?

Are there any important dates in the diary that you’d like to highlight? Would you like to include your business or charity logo? Are you going to highlight public holidays? By working with a calendar maker you’ll be able to plan exactly what you want in your charity calendar and be guided by an expert.

  1. Ask for local submissions

If you’re looking for photos or art go into your charity calendar, why not contact local schools and colleges to see if their pupils would like to contribute? Not only will it help you fill space, it will raise more awareness of what you’re trying to achieve and give you a bigger pool of people who might buy the finished article.

  1. Are you doing a press release about your calendar?

One of the great ways to raise awareness of your charity calendar is to write a press release for the media. In it you’ll need to include: who you are, what you’ve done, when you’ve done it, why you’ve done it and how. Send them a few samples of your images and see if they’ll publish a story to raise awareness. Finally, don’t forget to include information on how people can purchase the calendar!

  1. Where are you going to sell the calendar?

The final thing to consider is where you’re going to sell your calendar masterpiece. Whether you sell it to friends and family, on social media, in libraries, cafes or shops, there are usually people and companies willing to help you raise money.

If you’re looking to create a show stopping charity calendar, the team here at Eight Days a Week can help. For more information on design, costs and quantities, please call: 08432 898074.

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