How to Use Calendars in Your 2019 Marketing Strategy

With so much competition today, with new ads being released every hour, it’s time to be more creative and innovative with your campaigns.

2019 calendars can be the marketing tool your brand has been looking for, providing brand awareness to a wide pool of potential customers 365 days a year for a more than affordable price.

The simplicity of a calendar can do so much for your marketing efforts and here’s how:

  1. Round the Clock Use

The great thing about a calendar is that it is essential in many homes and offices. Therefore, you can guarantee it will be used by many of your target customers at least a few times a week.

And it’s not just one person who will be using it. Employees around the office or different family members will also make use of it to keep track on upcoming events.

  1. Twelve Months of Awareness

Each month will be a new opportunity to entice your customers. If you opt for a display calendar, you will be given a canvas every month to subtly sell to your customers.

The image you choose to fill the space should be carefully constructed. You don’t want to print a full-blown ad – you need something that is fitting with the month, that has subtle hints to your branding.

For example, February features Valentines Day. An annual holiday enjoyed by couples everywhere. For the image you could photograph a date night, featuring your own brand of food or drink. Or it can be as subtle as dressing them in your brand colours so there is some consistent branding throughout.

  1. Promoting Events

However, if you would like more straightforward promotions, then you could set a few dates. In most calendars you will get bank holidays already pencilled in. So why not do the same with your upcoming events.

This could be any annual sales, exhibitions, shows, concerts – as long as it is a definite event where there are no concerns about it happening. Just make sure to not go overboard with how many dates you add. As a guideline, try not to exceed one event per month printed on your calendars.

  1. Your Advertising Message

Think carefully about what you want to communicate to customers with your calendar campaign. Without being too pushy with your sales pitches, think of how you can connect with customers on a personal level while still representing your brand.

Stuck for ideas? See below:

  • Business Coach – Motivational quote of the month
  • Food Retailers – Recipe of the month featuring your products
  • Travel Agency – Location of the month
  • Animal Rescue – Rehomed pets photos + short stories
  • Children’s Entertainers – Colouring pages
  • Sports Team – Player of the Month

The key is to be creative without overthinking it. Create something that customers can enjoy, but most importantly remember your brand by.

  1. Separating from the Competition

Being a constant reminder in a customer environment can help you gain the brand recognition to make you the first point of call for many people. This will allow you to get ahead of the competition and will be particularly useful when running up to busy sales periods, including Black Friday and Christmas.

Getting Started

At Eight Days a Week we cover a wide range of calendar designs, including wall calendars, slim calendars, wall planners and desk calendars.

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Why Now Is the Time to Order Corporate Calendars for 2019

Although we’re in the height of summer and enjoying wonderful weather across the UK, it is never too early to set our minds toward the busy winter period.

This is certainly true for companies that send corporate calendars to their clients and associates each year as the summer represents a great time to make early orders, guaranteeing you will be prepared for the traditional festive goodwill and gift-giving that exists within most business sectors.

Here we look at just a few of the reasons why it is worth making your orders for corporate calendars long before the first Autumn leaves begin to fall!

Get a head start

With so much to do and organise during the winter period, the quieter weeks that coincide with the summer holidays offer a great opportunity to look ahead and make sure that your business is fully prepared. When it comes to corporate calendars, an early order can give you peace of mind that at least one important task is already sorted!

Beat the rush

The demand for corporate calendars rises substantially as we approach the festive season, with September to November the busiest time for printers to fulfil orders. To reduce lead times for your requirements and to beat the pre-Christmas rush, it is always recommended to get your business calendar orders in place by the end of August.

Be a festive early bird

Everybody appreciates an early Christmas present, and your clients and associates will be no different! The earlier you order your corporate calendars the earlier they will be printed and delivered, giving your business a great opportunity to hand out your festive favours long before the competition gets a chance. You will also give yourself more time to get it absolutely right – right design, right typefaces and right images.

Get in touch

Eight Days a Week is the UK’s leading calendar print-management and marketing company. Working closely with our strategic partner, Alltrade Printers, we have the capacity to produce more than five million calendars every year!

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How Businesses Can Benefit from Desk Calendars

desk calendar

During exhibitions you will be flooded with promotional material, given to you by a variety of business all hoping you will remember them. However, how many promotional pens do you actually need? And how many promotional leaflets and keyrings are you actually going to use?

There has always been and always will be a demand for desk calendars. Giving away promotional material is only effective and worth including in your marketing strategy if it’s going to be something that the audience is actually going to use on a regular basis – which is everything a desk calendar is.

Businesses in particular benefit from using a desk calendar for handling big work loads and managing event season. See how both your business, customers and prospects can benefit from your very own branded desk calendars:

  1. Easy Accessibility

With a desk calendar being placed right in front of you at all times, there’s no need to be digging through your draws for your journal or going out of your way to bring up your digital calendar. Being on constant display will keep important events or urgent tasks in clear view to help on those days when you have a million other things to think about.

  1. Fun Designs

If you’re worried about your calendars being left in the bottom of an office draw and forgotten about, incorporating fun or challenging designs can be a great way to get people more involved. For example, word of the days, riddles, puzzles or even photos of influencers who work with your brand. Give your audience a reason to want your calendar on their desk and actually use it.

  1. Brand Awareness

Having a promotional product of yours placed on a customer’s desk will serve as a daily reminder of your brand every time they turn to the calendar. It also allows people passing by to notice your logo and possibly go away and research your brand if something in particular catches their eye (hence the importance of fun designs).

First you will need to find a reliable calendar printer who can guarantee professional results, which is where our team here at Eight Days a Week come in. To find out more about our services get in touch today on 08432 898074.

High Quality Makes Free Calendars a Gift That Keeps on Giving

Giving away promotional calendars is a tried and tested marketing method that offers year-round brand recognition and an increased chance of repeat business.

There are a few reasons why giving a free office calendar to a client is such a great idea and a proven winner for marketing departments:

  1. Your client needs a calendar!
  2. The client will use the calendar every day
  3. Your brand and logo will never be far from their mind
  4. You save your client the time and expense of buying a calendar
  5. Everyone loves a freebie!

However, the effectiveness and results of this approach are very much based on the look and feel of the calendar offered. In short, quality will make a real difference.

Even though it’s a free gift, a calendar that has the name, logo and contact details of your company on it will be representative of your business – so if the quality of the calendar is so poor that it’s falling apart by March, your client will not be impressed.

Expect to find your generous gift in the bin and the goodwill gained all but forgotten.

business calendar

Think about design and appearance too. A client will be far more appreciative of a brightly coloured, glossy calendar with interesting high quality images than a standard issue offering. Show your clients that your business puts time, thought and money into everything, even something as simple as a free gift!

Because calendars are often given as a gift to businesses that are existing or potential clients, there’s a distinct chance they’ll want to get in touch with you at some point. This is why it makes great sense to have your contact details displayed prominently, and in a really high quality of print.

Cost effective calendars made to a high quality can be a fantastic investment that helps build positive relationships and contributes to a lot of new or repeat business. When badly printed, with poor picture quality and made with substandard materials and design, they can be a complete waste of your investment.

If you’re looking for quality products to make a great impression on your clients, please email Nigel Green –

How to Create the Perfect Calendar

Creating the perfect calendar is a brilliant marketing tool to promote and differentiate your business. A well thought-out calendar to send to clients or other business connections, affords you the opportunity to be at the forefront of their minds for a whole year. Including the right things could greatly work to improve brand loyalty, your company reputation and your sales. Whether you want to increase awareness of your brand, or assist a new product launch, there are a wide array of calendars now available to you.

Here we’ve put together a guide on creating an eye-catching and effective calendar for the coming year:

Decide on an attention-grabbing theme

Your calendar theme should be appealing to your target audience, so you’ll need to do some research. You don’t necessarily have to have a theme related to your company, though whatever it is, make sure that it’s clear and consistent. A strong coherent theme will allow you to drive in your chosen message with more impact. You’ll need to carry a consistent brand message throughout your calendar, which sums up what makes your business, products or services valuable and unique.

Come up with a few different themes for your calendar and ask for feedback from your colleagues or clients if you can.

Think about the number of pages

There are a variety of calendar types to choose from including 1, 2, 4, 6 or 12 month spreads per page. Displaying 1 month per page is usually more popular since you can dedicate each month to a different product or promotional message and include more eye-catching imagery. You’ll also need to think about whether you will print double-sided to reduce the number of pages used. This would be a good idea for businesses aiming to reduce their environmental impact and it may be appreciated by environmentally-conscious recipients. Consider if you want to include an introductory page with information about your company and its winning attributes.

Whatever you opt for, the perfect calendar needs to be as attractive and readable as possible. If you’ve got a lot of information to share, you’ll be better off using more pages and giving it the space it needs to create impact.

Focus on layout

You may have an interesting theme and lots of good images, but not giving attention to how each element is laid out could just be disastrous. Whether you’re designing a wall, poster or desk calendar, your content should be spaced and presented in the most appropriate way. This goes especially for the date display, which will be a key focus all year-round. Make sure that these elements are pleasing to the eye and work together to convey your overall theme and message in the best light.

Inspire ‘Calls-to-Action’ with promotions

Along with important national holidays and annual events, you should include your own promotions and events. This will increase awareness of any new products or services, or special and exclusive offers which will help to develop customer relationships. Think about how you can tie in your sales and promotions with relevant seasonal events like Christmas or important days such as World Health Day. Find the events that would be most appealing to your intended audience, and see how these can be tied in with your design theme.

Go for quality

High quality images and a high-quality print is essential to get across your calendar message to its best potential. Even if this is more time and cost intensive, going for better quality will make your calendar look striking and you’ll reap the rewards as a result. Your calendar is a great opportunity to show people your work and what you stand for, so a cheap print and lacklustre images will only reflect badly on your company.

Things such as printing on glossy paper, or using a wire coil binding might give your calendar a more professional look. Ask your printer what print techniques and details will work best with your calendar’s design and purpose.

Some tips when evaluating your calendar

It’s important to have fun with your calendar and be creative – you may have to take some risks to achieve a more engaging effect! You can include humour and you can be bold with a new and unique design direction. But however experimental you choose to be, the perfect calendar will reflect your business’ values and key brand message. It should reach out to the recipient personally, as a special item that will be remembered and inspire a positive response. Think about how you can add value to your calendar for your audience, and convey how your business can help them.

If you’re looking to create the perfect calendar to market your business, you can speak to us and we’ll help you get started today. Call us on 08432 898 074 or get a quote here.

Why a Branded Calendar is the best way to Promote your Business

In an increasingly technological world, you could be mistaken for thinking that the best way to market your business is digitally. Whilst no-one can decry the power, reach and sometimes instantaneous results of the internet, traditional forms of marketing are definitely making a comeback.  Many people still react more positively to physical media, to items that they can touch, to branded materials that they can appreciate for the time and consideration that has gone into them, so step up promotional merchandise.

As a calendar manufacturer, of course, we are focused on getting your brand noticed through the power of the printed calendar and why not – after all, this is the only promotional product with a guaranteed lifespan of at least twelve months!

Whether you want desk calendars or wall calendars, print re-runs or bespoke calendars every year, Eight Days a Week are the number one choice for promotional business calendars.

If you still need convincing on why the branded calendar is the best choice of promotional product, here are just a few of the reasons why we think they’re the best way to promote your business:

  1. 94% of people who receive branded merchandise remember the company name for at least six months afterwards – with a calendar you can pretty much guarantee this will be longer as it will be hanging on the wall for twice this length of time
  2. 52% of recipients with branded products on their desks go on to buy products or services from those companies – Source: BPMA Research
  3. Over 50% of people have three or more promotional products on their desk – Source: BPMA Research
  4. A branded calendar is one of the most popular items on workplace desks

One of the great things about calendars is their versatility.  For example, you can have calendars created for the wall – in A3, square or slim varieties or you can have desk calendars printed.   All of these will be successful in promoting your business and increasing the number of people who are exposed to your branding.  If you want to keep costs down, you might choose to send one calendar to each of the companies that have supported you or you would like to target for future business – and in this case, a wall calendar is probably the best option as it can be hung in the reception area or main office.  Or, you may want to send multiple items to larger organisations where the potential reach is higher.  In this instance choosing desk calendars may be more appropriate as individual employees can keep the calendars on their desks.

Whatever the number, and whoever the recipient, there are lots of different themes you can choose for your corporate calendars.  From the more obvious choices of your products or your workplace, or to the more creative options such local landscapes or quirky projects you have worked on, we can discuss the perfect design for your branded calendar.

If you want to be on your potential client’s desks or walls all year round speak to Eight Days a Week today on 08432 898 074 and promote your business in one of the best possible ways.