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Be On Your Potential Clients Desk All Year Round

Printed calendars can be a great way of giving your company some brilliant brand exposure.

We provide a professional calendar design service or you can send us over your files. Eight Days a Week pride ourselves on guiding our customers to the the right calendar for their business.

Take a look below at our process.

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Our calendar printing service can print to a number of different sizes. These include both, wall and desktop calendars.

We can provide bespoke quotes for our calendar printing services quickly and efficiently based on your requirements. With over 20 years of calendar printing, we will work with you to deliver the best type of calendar possible for your business.

Case Studies

Here at Eight Days a Week we prides ourselves on delivering to you a great quality of customer service and flexible approach to your needs.

In doing so we like to think that we work with you and not for you. Making your calendars for you whether you are in retail publishing or business to business is what we do – it's as simple as that! We regard you our clients as our partners in business with shared goals and aims and in our world partners look out for each other. We do this by providing you with the very best calendar products that will happily grace the walls and desks of homes and offices throughout the world.

Here in our case studies we briefly outline how that partnership approach has worked for our clients in the past.

Greenhatch Group

Greenhatch Group established in 1988 has grown into a leading source of high quality topographical and measured building survey information across the construction and development sectors. As well as other … Continue reading “Greenhatch Group”



Maverick Arts Publishing

What the client said

"A complete and true knowledge of the calendar industry requires a lifetime of dedication. Nigel Green has worked and lived that lifetime.

A true industry expert that can be totally relied upon. Nigel Green’s depth of knowledge in the calendar industry is legendary!

Some people make the difference! And Nigel Green certainly has for Icarus Arts and Maverick Arts Publishing."

Steve Bicknell – Managing Director, Icarus Arts and Maverick Arts Publishing


Avonside Publishing

What the client said

"Avonside Publishing has worked with Eight Days a Week for over five years.

The quality of product has been as good as any we have received in over 20 years of producing calendars.

The level of service has exceeded any we have received from previous suppliers. I have been very pleased with the experience and have no hesitation in recommending Eight Days A Week as a supplier."

David Higgins – Managing Director, Avonside Publishing

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Five Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Calendar

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Print Marketing: Direct Mail or Promotional Calendar?

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Posted on March 13, 2018

Make Money for Charity with a Charity Calendar

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