High Quality Makes Free Calendars a Gift That Keeps on Giving

Giving away promotional calendars is a tried and tested marketing method that offers year-round brand recognition and an increased chance of repeat business.

There are a few reasons why giving a free office calendar to a client is such a great idea and a proven winner for marketing departments:

  1. Your client needs a calendar!
  2. The client will use the calendar every day
  3. Your brand and logo will never be far from their mind
  4. You save your client the time and expense of buying a calendar
  5. Everyone loves a freebie!

However, the effectiveness and results of this approach are very much based on the look and feel of the calendar offered. In short, quality will make a real difference.

Even though it’s a free gift, a calendar that has the name, logo and contact details of your company on it will be representative of your business – so if the quality of the calendar is so poor that it’s falling apart by March, your client will not be impressed.

Expect to find your generous gift in the bin and the goodwill gained all but forgotten.

business calendar

Think about design and appearance too. A client will be far more appreciative of a brightly coloured, glossy calendar with interesting high quality images than a standard issue offering. Show your clients that your business puts time, thought and money into everything, even something as simple as a free gift!

Because calendars are often given as a gift to businesses that are existing or potential clients, there’s a distinct chance they’ll want to get in touch with you at some point. This is why it makes great sense to have your contact details displayed prominently, and in a really high quality of print.

Cost effective calendars made to a high quality can be a fantastic investment that helps build positive relationships and contributes to a lot of new or repeat business. When badly printed, with poor picture quality and made with substandard materials and design, they can be a complete waste of your investment.

If you’re looking for quality products to make a great impression on your clients, please email Nigel Green – nigel@eightdaysaweek.co.uk.

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