How to Create the Perfect Calendar

Creating the perfect calendar is a brilliant marketing tool to promote and differentiate your business. A well thought-out calendar to send to clients or other business connections, affords you the opportunity to be at the forefront of their minds for a whole year. Including the right things could greatly work to improve brand loyalty, your company reputation and your sales. Whether you want to increase awareness of your brand, or assist a new product launch, there are a wide array of calendars now available to you.

Here we’ve put together a guide on creating an eye-catching and effective calendar for the coming year:

Decide on an attention-grabbing theme

Your calendar theme should be appealing to your target audience, so you’ll need to do some research. You don’t necessarily have to have a theme related to your company, though whatever it is, make sure that it’s clear and consistent. A strong coherent theme will allow you to drive in your chosen message with more impact. You’ll need to carry a consistent brand message throughout your calendar, which sums up what makes your business, products or services valuable and unique.

Come up with a few different themes for your calendar and ask for feedback from your colleagues or clients if you can.

Think about the number of pages

There are a variety of calendar types to choose from including 1, 2, 4, 6 or 12 month spreads per page. Displaying 1 month per page is usually more popular since you can dedicate each month to a different product or promotional message and include more eye-catching imagery. You’ll also need to think about whether you will print double-sided to reduce the number of pages used. This would be a good idea for businesses aiming to reduce their environmental impact and it may be appreciated by environmentally-conscious recipients. Consider if you want to include an introductory page with information about your company and its winning attributes.

Whatever you opt for, the perfect calendar needs to be as attractive and readable as possible. If you’ve got a lot of information to share, you’ll be better off using more pages and giving it the space it needs to create impact.

Focus on layout

You may have an interesting theme and lots of good images, but not giving attention to how each element is laid out could just be disastrous. Whether you’re designing a wall, poster or desk calendar, your content should be spaced and presented in the most appropriate way. This goes especially for the date display, which will be a key focus all year-round. Make sure that these elements are pleasing to the eye and work together to convey your overall theme and message in the best light.

Inspire ‘Calls-to-Action’ with promotions

Along with important national holidays and annual events, you should include your own promotions and events. This will increase awareness of any new products or services, or special and exclusive offers which will help to develop customer relationships. Think about how you can tie in your sales and promotions with relevant seasonal events like Christmas or important days such as World Health Day. Find the events that would be most appealing to your intended audience, and see how these can be tied in with your design theme.

Go for quality

High quality images and a high-quality print is essential to get across your calendar message to its best potential. Even if this is more time and cost intensive, going for better quality will make your calendar look striking and you’ll reap the rewards as a result. Your calendar is a great opportunity to show people your work and what you stand for, so a cheap print and lacklustre images will only reflect badly on your company.

Things such as printing on glossy paper, or using a wire coil binding might give your calendar a more professional look. Ask your printer what print techniques and details will work best with your calendar’s design and purpose.

Some tips when evaluating your calendar

It’s important to have fun with your calendar and be creative – you may have to take some risks to achieve a more engaging effect! You can include humour and you can be bold with a new and unique design direction. But however experimental you choose to be, the perfect calendar will reflect your business’ values and key brand message. It should reach out to the recipient personally, as a special item that will be remembered and inspire a positive response. Think about how you can add value to your calendar for your audience, and convey how your business can help them.

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