Why a Branded Calendar is the best way to Promote your Business

In an increasingly technological world, you could be mistaken for thinking that the best way to market your business is digitally. Whilst no-one can decry the power, reach and sometimes instantaneous results of the internet, traditional forms of marketing are definitely making a comeback.  Many people still react more positively to physical media, to items that they can touch, to branded materials that they can appreciate for the time and consideration that has gone into them, so step up promotional merchandise.

As a calendar manufacturer, of course, we are focused on getting your brand noticed through the power of the printed calendar and why not – after all, this is the only promotional product with a guaranteed lifespan of at least twelve months!

Whether you want desk calendars or wall calendars, print re-runs or bespoke calendars every year, Eight Days a Week are the number one choice for promotional business calendars.

If you still need convincing on why the branded calendar is the best choice of promotional product, here are just a few of the reasons why we think they’re the best way to promote your business:

  1. 94% of people who receive branded merchandise remember the company name for at least six months afterwards – with a calendar you can pretty much guarantee this will be longer as it will be hanging on the wall for twice this length of time
  2. 52% of recipients with branded products on their desks go on to buy products or services from those companies – Source: BPMA Research
  3. Over 50% of people have three or more promotional products on their desk – Source: BPMA Research
  4. A branded calendar is one of the most popular items on workplace desks

One of the great things about calendars is their versatility.  For example, you can have calendars created for the wall – in A3, square or slim varieties or you can have desk calendars printed.   All of these will be successful in promoting your business and increasing the number of people who are exposed to your branding.  If you want to keep costs down, you might choose to send one calendar to each of the companies that have supported you or you would like to target for future business – and in this case, a wall calendar is probably the best option as it can be hung in the reception area or main office.  Or, you may want to send multiple items to larger organisations where the potential reach is higher.  In this instance choosing desk calendars may be more appropriate as individual employees can keep the calendars on their desks.

Whatever the number, and whoever the recipient, there are lots of different themes you can choose for your corporate calendars.  From the more obvious choices of your products or your workplace, or to the more creative options such local landscapes or quirky projects you have worked on, we can discuss the perfect design for your branded calendar.

If you want to be on your potential client’s desks or walls all year round speak to Eight Days a Week today on 08432 898 074 and promote your business in one of the best possible ways.

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