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Eight Days a Week is an award winning print management company with extensive knowledge and expertise in calendar manufacturing

Founded in 2003, Eight Days a Week is the UK’s leading calendar print-management and marketing company. Working closely with our strategic partner, Alltrade Printers, we have the capacity to produce in excess of five million calendars every year, covering a huge quantity and range of titles. We are based in Birmingham and are specialists in managing a wide variety of calendar formats, including wall calendars, slim calendars, desk calendars and wall planners. More than that, you won’t find anything like the custom built equipment we use for calendar finishing anywhere else in the world. We invest in our business because we believe in producing the highest quality of products possible, with an eye on quick turnarounds of course! Working with the country’s top calendar publishers we produce a wide range of titles from Premier League Football and Humour through to Pop, Celebrity and Dog Breeds. You can find a calendar for almost any subject these days and we reckon that since our formation 13 years ago we’ve produced many of them but we are always looking to produce more and it would be great to be working with you.

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Brown Trout

What the client said

"BrownTrout have been working with Eight Days a Week for five seasons now and the business grows each year. Why? They are easy to deal with, give us great customer service, top quality product and deliver to us on time. In addition, we really appreciate their flexibility and understanding of our business and the demands upon it at stressful times.

Being UK based is a major boon, since this allows us so much more flexibility when dealing with our customers and prospects. I would have absolutely no problem in recommending 8 Days a Week to any calendar publisher looking for great calendar printing and production."

Jack Straw - Managing Director, Brown Trout Publishing Ltd


Danilo Promotions

What the client said

“We have been working with Eight Days a week, since the company launched. We find the quality and service to be excellent, simply the best in the business.

We have a fantastic working relationship and they are the no 1 calendar manufacturer in Europe”

Daniel Prince - Operations Director, Danilo Promotions Ltd

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