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About us

Eight Days a Week

Founded in 2003, Eight Days a Week is the UK’s leading calendar print-management and marketing company. Working closely with our strategic partner, Alltrade Printers, we have the capacity to produce in excess of five million calendars every year, covering a huge quantity and range of titles.

We are based in Birmingham and are specialists in managing a wide variety of calendar formats, including wall calendars, slim calendars, desk calendars and wall planners. More than that, you won’t find anything like the custom built equipment we use for calendar finishing anywhere else in the world. We invest in our business because we believe in producing the highest quality of products possible, with an eye on quick turnarounds of course!

In fact, we have a guarantee that for every normal print load we will turnaround orders within 7-10 days. By normal, we mean that, if you were to come to us with a million calendars and multiple designs that need printing, then we might have to discuss getting some of each different calendar to you to start with.

Of course, everything we do is subject to very strict quality control procedures, so you can be sure that before our calendars are distributed throughout the United Kingdom that we’ve put the utmost care and attention into them. More than this, though, we’re passionate about working with other people to create the best possible product and as such, we produce bespoke calendars, tailor-made to exact customer requirements. From the initial stages of design right through to printing, binding and packaging, we work with our customers.

Ultimately, we are proud to play a crucial part in businesses’ marketing strategies, developing their brand and creating a defining aesthetic along the way.


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